Kanga Tough means the very best in three fundamental areas: Power, Speed and Durability.

FRM provides a comprehensive range of Kanga mini loaders for any project big or small.

KANGA Mini Loaders

Built in 1981, the Kanga Compact Loader was the very first, commercially produced ‘stand-on’ compact skid steer loader. Originally designed as a motorised wheelbarrow it developed into an earthmoving tool that has changed the face of the workplace for many industries. The Kanga Compact Loader, also known as a mini skid steer loader, mini digger or mini loader is designed and manufactured at Kanga’s purpose-built facility in Australia.

The success of the Kanga Loader is based on three principles;

  • Innovation – Outstanding design at world competitive pricing
  • Solutions – Delivered at every turn to suit your business needs
  • Safety – For the protection of you and your investment

It is these guiding principles that over the past 39 years has positioned the Kanga Loader as the industry leader in the market. Kanga Loaders has responded to customer needs at every turn with cutting edge solutions for operation, safety compliance and performance. Each Kanga Loader is designed and manufactured to world’s best practice standards and is examined by internationally recognised risk assessment procedures.

For more information or to view the Kanga mini loader range, contact us or visit the Kanga website.

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